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Neighborhood News 4/6/2016 


April 30, 2016

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WCA/Town & Country Garbage Collection 

Town and Country Disposal sold to WCA in November 2015.  The Oxford Hills board has been in contact with WCA/Town & Country multiple times concerning yard waste pickup.  Each time the answer is that they are running behind.  Not all neighborhoods have year-round yard waste pickup as we do.  Many neighborhoods began yard waste pickup on April 1st.  WCA/Town & Country says that this has caused them to be behind schedule but they will “catch up soon”.

Routine trash pickup for Oxford Hills is Wednesday. WCA/Town & Country requests that we place trash and recycling at the curb by 6:30am on collection day or the night before.

WCA/Town & Country observes three holidays (New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day). If trash day falls on the holiday or holiday eve, then trash will be picked up on the day after the holiday, ex. Friday after Thanksgiving.

Non-Recycled Items

Styrofoam, plastic bags, gift wrap, blueprints, hanging file folders, aseptic containers, paper cups, paper plates, tissue paper, paper towels, photographs, pet food bags, fertilizer bags, charcoal bags, kitty litter bags, plastic container that contained oil, antifreeze, other petroleum fluids, and glass continue to be non-recyclable items.

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